June 21st, 2006

Destruction is NICE!

80's fur?

Hello all! My next furry project isn't actually a suit, but restoring a childhood plush toy of mine that I've had since I was five. Roary the lion has gotten pretty beaten up over the years! I'd like to copy his pattern and make another one of him to hopefully pass down to my kids one day. Since the plush was made in the 80's, I'd like to have fur from the 80's so that it's as close a replica as possible. I'm posting to see if anyone has any such fur, or knows where it could be purchased from. I only need a small amount of each kind: short pile camel, short pile white, and long pile burnt orangey color (think the color of Simba's mane in the Lion King plushies, only less red). If anyone could help me out, I'd really appreciate it! Thank you!
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Reese the candy skunk

Last night I decided to try and kickstart my drawing mojo after a few weeks of not being able to do squat.

4 1/2 hours of drawing later I've got a nifty new fursuit design

Though I should note that the red in the picture? It's SUPPOSED to be orange, but my scanner decided to eat the color. At least it looks like it did on my monitor. Your mileage may vary.

Colors used: Dark Brown, Orange, Yellow, Light Blue.

Inspirations for the design:
-animecat's "Candy Skunk" concept (Reese is based on Reese's Pieces.)
-Pepe Le Pew, as I used his model as a base to alter the look from the normal way I draw skunks
-twitchwolf who showed that Mohawks on fursuits can look FRICKIN' AWESOME.
-Gridman (Aka Servo from Syber Squad).... hence the color timer on the forehead.
Was actually surprised how well some elements of him translated to 'flesh and blood.' Particulary the head fin into a mohawk.

Should note that Reese is intended to be a "Brother" design for Starburst, since there's no way in hell I'm going to be attempting that one. :P

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Emy the Bat Progress 2

So now that summer is around and I have more free time I've been working on my partial again. She's going pretty well I have to admit. Here are some piccys:

Collapse )

I started furing her just a little and I shortened her nose and poofed out her cheeks. Her eyes aren't the way I normally draw them but I think they look just as good (although I might redo them in the future). The fur I'm using is so nice and it was only 5 dollars a yard from JoAnn's. The nice thing is it cuts neatly and doesn't look cheap. XD They also had it in Grey if anyone is interested in using it.

I need to make her tail and I only have one of her footpaws done. I have all her nails done and painted though and they look really nice. I also have her outfit finished (the clothes I'll be wearing with my partial). Let me know what you think. :3

PS- The points over the lids of the eyes are just a little flap so I have something to secure them to on the inside of the mask. :3
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