June 22nd, 2006

Heyas all

Howdy and stuffs, just joined the community and would like to say hi,this journal is separate from my other one,so as to minimize backlogs of journals to read.

I'm a suitmaker from PA...So Hellos to all.
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BennetFox by VermillionFox

HTML Refresher

Guys, would you please do me (and everyone else) a favor and properly enclose your long URL's in the proper HTML tags?

A quick reminder:

<a href="your URL goes inside the quotes">and a short description goes here</a>

Thanks! :D

crossposted everywhere

oops, here's a link to my fursuits...

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McCall's pattern

I'm going to make my fursuit by modifying the McCall's pattern... *crosses fingers* Does anyone have any good pictures of suits that have been made in this fashion? I'd really love to see, so I have an idea of how it comes out in the end. I know it'll be great, 'cos there are so many wonderful fursuiters in this community...

Thanks in advance ^^
Destruction is NICE!

Making extensions for fingers...

Hello all! I've got two projects in the works right now, and both of them involve creating claw-like hands with elongated fingers. I'd love to keep the dexterity of natural fingers in the final product, but I'm wondering how to go about doing that. I used to see toy robot hands where you'd slip your arm into a plastic sleeve, and each finger into a trigger-like slot that, when depressed, would pull and curl a corresponding finger on the outer shell of the robot arm. Unfortunately I can't find them anywhere anymore!

Has anyone else been confronted with this problem before, and how did you solve it? Also, if anyone knows a resource for these robot hand toys, I'd be very thankful!
Grr.. grr.. grrr...

Skunk help, please...

This is really a question on sewing technique, I suppose...

I've gone through three skunk tails, none are to my liking. My question is, for you people who've made skunk tails or similar, how do you create the pieces and stick them together so that it comes out correctly?

All my tails have been kinda crooked and I'd like to make a nice straight one.

Any pictures would be the best as I'm a visual learner, but anything anyone can afford me would be great.

Oh yea, and here's how this particular tail should look.
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blu spy

(no subject)

Hello.. I'm totally and completely new, to the community and to making fursuits..

I've been checking out the tutorials here and there, and have thus decided to do something simple to start (hand and foot paws only). But I have a question or two that was on my mind...

Has anyone tried this whole no-sew tailoring tape that my parents keep insisting that I use? I mean, is it a good idea or should I just suck it up and learn how to sew? (I have no machine, arg)

And secondly, is polyurethane foam a good investment? I saw some today in crafts at Wal-Mart (for when I eventually gather up the nerve to attempt a head) and thought about buying it, but if there is something better you all can recommend I'd rather go for it.

Thanks in advance :)
blu spy

(no subject)

First of all, thanks to everyone who's commented so far... definitely decided not to go with the tape :) and I am definitely going to invest in a sewing machine if I decide to venture into dangerous territory such as my first tail or bodysuit.

The "practice gloves" are coming along beautifully; Wal-Mart had some faux fur by the yard but I touched it to see how it felt and it literally came off in huge chunks. I was completely disappointed. Luckily, though, I found some small squares of much softer faux fur for about $2.50 a piece (12" x 15" each) - completely perfect for practice and more durable. (Hopefully Jo-Ann will have much better fur)

Sewing by hand for the first time was weird, but I almost have the hang of it. Just these two pieces took forever. The lining is made of a beatup old T-shirt that I cut up.

They are different sides for each glove so that you all could see how it looks so far. The gloves haven't actually been sewn on top of one another yet.

I apologize for the face pixellation, but the internet and I have had some very bad mojo in the past when it comes to pictures so I tend to pixellate when my face is public. (Ironic, really, if you read my shirt)

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