June 23rd, 2006


minimal progress on German Shep fursuit

Today I got a big box of coveralls I bought on ebay and eaily measured out length and size. Now I gotta draw the fur lines on it. With that all I'd need do is cut the lines out and choos eapproprate fur for that pattern.

I may take a break from the cost tume considering how hot its been lately, I just cant function well in the heat. I have the cieling fan and another floor fan running jhust to cool me off. all thats left is the paws for now. Poofy paws hopefully. where is the best and lowest price fur source online?
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Moving jaws

Just real quick, does anyone have any tutorials on how to make good moving jaws? And when I mean good, I mean like this one. Also, if anyone knows who made that particular fursuit, I'd be great appreciative to know! Thanks all!

EDIT: I remembered another fantastic fursuit made with an equally fantastic moving jaw. If anyone remembers seeing Kelton, they will know exactly what I'm talking about!
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(no subject)

So I got my first battery operated fan to work! Huzzah. I have a few questions though:

I am using one 9 volt battery to power a relatively small fan. How much battery life can I expect to get out of one battery? I intend on getting rechargable 9-volters, so at least cost won't be an issue...was just wondering how often I should expect to have to try and get that stupid snap connector off? :|

Depending on how much of a hassle it is to switch out the batteries, I'm debating on just securing the fan in permenently or making it removable. Fan parts are SO CHEAP, especially if I got them used at the REPC or Boeing Surplus that it'd just be easier to make a fan for every head I make in the future than to waste time trying to worry about making it removable. Of course that brings up the issue on what to do if the fan dies if it's stuck in there permenently... D:

Also, to make battery access easier, has anyone ever tried mounting the battery (with like a plastic mesh holder or something) on top of the muzzle and just covered it up with a flap of fur? If so, did that work out pretty well?

Scenting Fursuits?

I'd love to know if its possible to scent your fursuit, or part of it.

My recent project, also an addition to animecat's Candy Skunk Corps. Is Junior, the Junior Mint skunk. I would love to have his fur, or at least his fluffy chest fur, scented to be minty.

Is there any way to do this without the smell turning disgusting over time? And perhaps lasting? I dont mind reapplying it but I'd like to go one gig or so without having to reapply smell..

And what do you recommend I use?
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Candy Skunks Update

To all those interested in the Candy Skunks, please keep an eye on my LJ: http://animecat.livejournal.com and here:

The website will be updated regularly. It holds all the concepts and characters taken, and will show progress in character art and fursuits when completed. if you are interested in joining, you MUST send an e-mail to the link on the page to be considered.


Edit: We have a community up at candyskunks!

And now for something completely different...

Relative to my style that is. I've been know to do insanely happy looking toony fursuit heads which people tend to find cute. This time I thought I would go the other direction and try something completely different.

After watching a certain new Doctor Who episode with a werewolf in it, I felt inspired to make something like it. Luckily for me I also had a werewolf commission that I needed to do so I went forth and developed some new eye building methods and attempted to make a realistic looking werewolf, got it done in time for AC, and even had it out for a bit too.

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All in all I think he came out fairly well for a first try of this type. I'm glad I had the opportunity to make him. :)
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Fun Fair - Eww Frog!

Looking for a certain type of fur fabric...

OK, so for a new fursuit I'm having made, I need a curly forest green type of fur.

I had my eye on silky furry fleece, which Joanne's carries... But they only seem to have a sage green, and a lime green, I need something in-between.

Here's a link, the sage is pictured.

Does anyone know if a forest green exists in this type of fur? And if it doesn't, is there any other fur you would suggest? I'm definitely going for a curly... let's say... fleecey look. Good quality, and soft.

Thanks for any help.
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Hi there, I'm Sol, a fursuit maker from the UK. Pleased to meet you all :)

I recently finished my third fursuit. It's a Malamute fursuit, but I got a bit bored and deviated from the original plan and gave him black hand paws, a gold tooth, LED eyes, moving jaw and positionable tail. Since I don't know how to do one of those cut things I'll just link to my web page: sunwolf.co.uk The pictures of the full suit aren't too good, because it was rather difficult using the timer thing on the camera to take pictures by myself :p
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(no subject)

ok i'm thinking of venturing into the world of making my first fursuit head completely out of foam and was wondering if anyone could point me to some info on how to do so or pics to study.I normally make mine out of mesh with a little foam but i figured i'd try a completely foam head