June 26th, 2006

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Rabicorn or Drabbit

I've decided to try out the moving jaw effect again since my first attempt was largly unsuccessful. I didn't really have a clear idea of what I was doing when I started this fursuit project, so I kind of just went with what ever took shape, as this was just sort of practice for other projects I will be undertaking soon, most notably, animecat's Candy Skunk Corps. I am stuck as to whether I want to make this a Drabbit or a Rabicorn, so I will show you guys the pictures and get your feed back. I have yet to shape the foam, but I thinking that the foam mesh itself holds the shape well enough to where I don't really need to add much more foam other than around the ears, but I would like a second opinion. Also under the cut are pictures of my best friend's first Fursuit project, which I would also like advice on.
Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

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DnDn needs color

Alright I am starting a new fursuit project for a later date and right now I am in the process of designing two new characters for me and my boyfriend to go as. I have my boyfriends character already designed and everything right down to the color scheme. But now I am having problems with mine. We are going to be bats this time and my boyfriend is a vibrant green leaf nosed fruit bat with checkered colored nails hair and even one eye is black and the other is white...

So with that in mind me and my boyfriend decided the main color for my Vampire Bat chara DnDn. The main color is a vibrant pink. What I need from you is what color her membranes should be as well as her nails, eyes, and her Mohawk. The stripes on each of her limbs are going to be a black color.

Also it would be nice if some one could point me in the direction of a wig place where I could get a mohawk or tell me how to fabricat one to make it a bit easyer.

Here is her picture that I drew up just last night...

Thanks ahead of time for all your help.
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So, we premiered three new masks/costumes at the International Makeup Artists Trade Show in L.A. this past weekend.

We don't have the pics of the black bear up yet, but the fox and hunting dog can be found in our community entry.

Here is one to wet your appetite.
Show Floor

info needed asap

I need to know how much fur to use for a full kangaroo suit and head.

I need a more than generous estimate, since this is my first suit, for:

~Underbelly, and under tail fur.
~Regular furred body.

And the amount of leather needed for nose and pads.

And what amount of foam should be needed for legs/tail.

And what other stuff I should use, such as thread, glue, etc.

The reason I'm asking this is because a kangaroo is an odly-shaped fursuit due to it's huge tail and foamed legs.
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I was going to post this awhile aog, but I had no photos to do it with.. and since everybody seems to be using their studio pix, I guess I will too..

Here's "Tig", the first and only fursuit I ever made who was just finished two days before Anthrocon (hows that for luck!) which was my first con ever. LOL Lots of firsts.

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I just wanted to say thank you to everybody i've met at Anthrocon.
It was so much fun to run around, and i really liked the convention center.
And of course thanks to the nice guys we visited during our roadtrip.

See you at Eurofurence :)

(image (c) BigBlueFox)
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Spinning hat

What Furbid category would wolf ear hats be appropriate for?

Hello, I'm going to be selling some wolf ear hats on Furbid pretty soon, and would just like to know what category fits that best. "Clothing - General Audience" seems appropriate for funny hats. There are even some sleep caps on there. "Costuming - General Audience" is also possible. There are actually plenty of ears on there, but they're all on headbands.

I consider my wolf ear hats to be casual, everyday hats(which get lots of attention for their fuzziness), and I don't really consider them "costuming". However... fuzzy ears. If it was on a headband instead of a baseball cap, it would most definitely be in the Costuming category. At the moment, as far as Furbid categories go, I'm leaning toward "costuming".

Pictures of the hats can be seen on my website's blog. I'm considering a Buy-It-Now price of $10 and starting bid of $8, plus $5 shipping(& box). The first one will be $4 shipping, since I actually have a spare box in perfect condition & size.

Thanks to this community, I'm remembering to put my hats in a plastic bag before boxing them, in case someone else's package leaks all over it. That could be a drag.