June 27th, 2006

Fur Trimming?


I'm currently working on a fox fursuit and I was trying to track down some electronic shears that could be used to shave down the fur's pile length down to the fabric to allow for easy sewing of the fur. I'm curious as to what prices to expect for such (if anybody uses this kind of technique prior to sewing) and any brands to look out for, either to avoid or seek out. I'd like to try to spend as little as possible, and I had found a set of dog trimming shears for 50 dollars at a local pet store and wasn't sure if that was a good deal or not.

Any and all help would be appreciated. I'll make sure to post progress pics once it's underway. Thanks!

Yellow fur with white tips?

Hey ya'll! Anyone ever hear of yellow fur with white tips? I've been unsuccessful in finding any and am beginning to think that it doesn't exist...

I'd even love it more if it came in a short and a long pile length, but I think I'm really pushing my luck there.
Destruction is NICE!

Painting foamies?

Quick question for anyone who might know: There's a sale on foamies sheets at my local Hobby Lobby, and I wanted to pick some up for a possible upcoming project. However, I'd like to paint details on these. I intend to have these cut into big feathers that would be sticking up and so, would be very flexible. I don't want whatever paint I use to crack and peel off over time! Anyone had any luck with something similar? Thanks!

Coffee and Drawing, Fremont Furmeet

Yay, I have pic finally, have a lookey at me.


I took this at Fremont Furmeet at Peet's coffee today, thansk to Ace I can show you a sample of what I'd look like in a German Shephard suit. Yeah I know I am stocky, I grew up this way. Anyway have a looky at my footpaws,


I am going to need to get fur, still difficult to find in Fremont, anyone here in BAY Area know of places for fur outside of Fremont, CA and yet drive'able? I know theres a fabric place in Hayward, CA

I did a nice drawing while sippin coffee (White mocha Frap), its a drawing for Micah Fennec. I still have to color her badge and then laminate. I also doodled on my art folder a cute mouse. Ace re'did a drawing for me, sexy German Shephard girl with a Luger pistol.

I forgot, I put pads on my fursuit feet, that'll look good furred up and them displayed paw pads. Until I get further or NEED HELP. Hopefully someone local will hear me and come to the rescue.
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