June 28th, 2006

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heyheyhey everyone! I have some questions, 1. where do i get rubber for outdoor soles for my feet? and 2. how do i attach a wig to a full foam head? its for my rainbow lioness character, dont worry, i have the wig already, its awsome. any special glue for it? and i have came up with a new idea. since my suit wears tshirts and pants all the time, i wanted to not put fur underneath, so like some plushies, im putting a white bed sheet like fabric unerneath the parts were the shirt and pants cover her up, to conserve fur. i love my idea, heres a pic of what im explaining:


oh and how do i carve ful foam footpaws? i need help on that too, like to the ones that the german shepherd suit has, that style of making it though, not the shape, mine are a 4 toed lion's feet


~shaggy g studios

EDIT: would a yoga mat work for the rubber soles? any links to cheap welcome mats, yoga mats or truck flaps i could use?
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Hey, all...been a while since I've posted here, and I've still made no progress on my 'suit...since I've been broke. However, I wanted to know what kind of fur some of you guys could possibly recommend for this character:


The fur's supposed to be coarse rather than "fluffy," but I'm not sure what to use to give it a sort of bristly feel. Ahh, suggestions would be great...links even better. x)

Also. Eyes. How in the world do you all get them to look so nice?

Thanks in advance!
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