June 30th, 2006

Cutting the tape!

Ok, I have my duct-tape dummy all ready.

My question is, how and where do you cut out the dummy and lay it out amoung the fur to cut it out from?

How much space from the edges should I cut?

Would a 'side-zipper' work from the armpit/elbow down to the waist?

And should i really remove the suede backing? Or see if it works out, then remove it?
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The gloves are now arms (but lacking elastic to hold them in place) and have CLAWS.

The accessories in the pic are also going to be part of the suit. Today I bought some stuff for the head, but the last component I need is key: foam! Working on that as we speak.

edit: Also found out I might need some more black fur. That might be a good idea.

Also, you can see my face in this one...

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Well i'm attempting my first all foam head and would like some feed back.Since i came back from AC i've had an itching to try and make a more toony suit for my Alice Woofer Character (link below shows him off) http://images.monocerosmedia.com/gallery/v/ac/ac2006/AliceWoofer/

Anyways here are some links to said foam head


I still need to trim down the eyebrows and the nose it just temp model.
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