July 2nd, 2006


Fursuit Feets

What's the best way to do feet with a fullsuit? My char ish a fox-cat, so boots would work, but would they be funky looking pulled over the rest of the suit? What should I do? Should I make the feets seperate or should I attach them to the finished suit? How do you attach feets to a suit, anyway? The same goes for the handpaws.... I really don't like the look of when the feet or the arm extend and there's a suiter's ankle or wrist peeking out. It sorta destroys the illusion, "I'm a big fuzzy thing!" for me...

Help and examples would be muchly appreciated ^^
cliff raven

Choosing a Glue for Paw Pads

Hiya! I'm planning to build a set of feet out of a pair of socks, and I'm looking for advice on what sort of rubber I should use for the pads so I can run around in socks only, and what kind of glue would be best to stick the rubber to the cotton socks. The glue needs to be permanent, flexible, and waterproof.

Thank you!

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hi can anyone help me out here? i am making an all foam head, a bat to be exact, and my joann's phone is down and i dont know if they will carry white foam again, i hate green foam never did wonders for me. but is someone can pick me up or has or knows a place that has 1 full sheet of 1" white foam, i would be most grateful, thanks!


Fox Digi-Legs


I'm working on making my first fursuit and I want to attempt to simulate digigrade legs, although I'm having a hard time finding a good reference picture for digi legs on a fox fursuit. Mostly what I'm concerned about is the lower half of the leg, although if there's a good reference with the whole leg, I'd love to get my paws on it.

If anybody knows of a great reference picture, either suit, drawing, etc... I'd greatly appreciate it! Thanks!
kitty loaf
  • smonda

Two Colored Suits

I checked fursuit.org and the memories looking for how to sew two different colors together.The only way that I know of is to pin right sides together then sew but how would I do that if it's a shape like a heart? Any other ways? Thanks in advance =^-^=

Coming to MFF 2006.

I got this ebay half finished, yes I know Doggie Kruger isnt original at all, since theres several suiters out there with simular suits. I figured i'd post a pic of me in mine before I try out suiting in it at MidWest Fur Fest 2006.

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Now that the problem is, its not a finished suit, there is no body, im using blue lycra gloves for temp paws.  I hope to get my own deisn for a Tiger Fursuit for next years MFF, but I figured this one would be good for a good first time fursuiter. I hope you guys like! I would like comments on it!