July 4th, 2006


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Hello all,

I've been reading up on different styles of suit construction, largely from the memories section here (thank you so very much!), and most specifically on padding for false digitigrade legs.  What I haven't really been able to find is a good comparison of the pros and cons of two different methods: padding sewn into the suit itself versus padding on a separate undersuit.  Can anyone give suggestions or personal experience?

In case anyone's curious, what I'm planning is a female Tauren from World of Warcraft.  You can see a turnaround here and the fully outfitted version that I want to make here.

Thank you all in advance!

Fox Digi-legs 3

Been working on test patterns for the fox digi-legs (this is my furst attempt at a fursuit... so I hope I'm doing this right) and finished up the thigh piece on cheap fabric as well as working on the chest/back piece.

The same procedure with the calf was made on the thigh; a body trace... added 2 inches on both sides of pattern to allow for seams and my flabby thigh inside the fabric, pinned it up, cut out two opposite pieces, pinned them together, and prayed for the best. Here's what I have so far.

The pieces need a little more working to connect properly together (the 'thigh' piece in cheap blue fabric and the black fur)... but other than that I think it's a decent attempt at digi-legs. And yes, that's a towel I stuffed down my leg to simulate some padding.