July 8th, 2006

dead bird


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I never really put up any photos here of Oso, the fursuit i built at the end of 2005 for devin, which debuted at FC06 -- so here are a few for now! Oso is an akita/border collie, and he's the second fursuit i've built. Enjoy!
Haha I laugh at you!

Weed suit progress

I have also been working on a Weed suit for the past week.
So far have the tail done:

And the Head almost furred. (need to sew the blue, and add more white fur.)

The head I have been working on continuously for the past 6 days.
The blue fur will be edited more.

I hope this is coming out alright.
And I am terribly sorry if the blue fur isn't the right color for the character..

The suit will be full suit, and will be broadcast at Mega Con 07
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Looking for fur!!!

Anyone have or know where I can find any teal fur? Even a cerulean blue would possibly work as long as it has that "omg neon glowing" appearance. Or a bluish-green fur. I'd need long pile since my tail has long fur and I'd just have to trim it out on the rest of the body. Thanks!
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