July 10th, 2006


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Fursuit bits for Frazzle

Just showing off some pieces I did, basically a 3/4 suit without the head, as he wanted to do that himself. The fur itself wasn't the best to work with, but everything had to match and I think I didn't do too bad of a job of it anyway! I love the feet and tail myself ^..^

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EDIT: Err... should probably add that that isn't me in the photos, it's my mate XD

Craft foam help

I have a project coming up, and I'd really like to be able to use thicker craft foam for it. Does anybody know of a place that sells craft foam, fun foam, foamies, whatever you call 'em, in thicker sheets? And by thicker, I mean around 1/4 inch or so.
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Teddy Wolf

Rust and rainbow furs

Per some earlier discussions, I checked my local Hobby Lobby and they have both kinds of "rainbow" fur, roughly three yards of each (the store across town had about the same amount, last time I checked). Neither is a "full spectrum" rainbow - one is teal/blue/purple (I think... though looking at the picture in the original discussion, I wonder if I misremember), one is yellow/pink/orange. They're normally $20/yard, and should be $12 with the coupon this week, plus local sales tax (7.2%, I believe) and whatever shipping from zip code 67201 works out to for you. I'll happily buy it for anybody who wants some.

I've also got one solitary yard of the discontinued rust fox fur, which I put on Furbid: Auction, ends 16 July.

Update 2: The purple spike fur is also on Furbid, ending the same day.

Update: I've got 4 1/3 yards (4.5 lbs) of this, at $5/yard ($23.23 for the lot of it):
Purple spiky fur

and 1 5/8 yards (4 lbs) of this, at $12/yard ($20.92 for the lot of it):
Rainbow fur

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hello, gang.

i'm looking for a specific fur. see, i've abandoned my idea of making a tribal striped hyena with dreads, and i'm going to do a quadrupedal Nanaki/Red XIII costume for Connecticon next year. (i'm hoping i can get my boyfriend to go as Sid Highwind.) it's even going to be complete with a flaming tail! and by flaming i mean it's going to have red/orange fibre optic cables in with the fur.

anyways, i'm not having any luck finding the fur i'm looking for. i'm looking for fur that is approximately this color with a 1/2" - 1" pile height - NOT seal. i'm in need of 5 to 6* yards and am looking to spend $70-$80 or less. i've looked through all of the u.s. sites listed on the community's info and all of the furs i've found are either seal, have a pile that's too long, or are entirely too expensive.

any and all help would be appreciated so much that i might even kiss you. and i promise update shots as the costume progresses! and even a tutorial if the costume works out and people would be interested in having one.

* not sure about this, may need less.
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