July 11th, 2006

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Two Quick Questions

One is an eye question. I'd like to hear all the ways everyone else makes their eyes. I know there are a few different methods, but I'd like to hear them from you guys.

Two, where would you reccommend I get some fur for less than $15/yrd? I've been looking around everywhere for butterscotch so I can finish a suit I started a while ago. I'd like to buy from Montery Mills, but I don't have room for a 15 yrd roll of fur. Thanks. ^^
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goat-faced matthew barney

some progress stuff and a couple questions

ahoy! here is a *little* bit of my progress on the 'tundra dragon' partial i've been working on. my girlfriend named him "Rickets" which is odd, but i like it XD


i know, he pretty much looks like a blob right now, the fur that's there is pinned on real haphazardly, and i have a lot of trimming to do. but wait till you all see his horns and spikes! he's gonna jump to life i promise :3
mostly i wanted to show off his AWESOME JAWSET which is back here --->Collapse )

my questions:
1. how do i go about attaching feathers to my foam wing base? is hot glue strong enough or is there a better method/product to use?
2.i want to make a big staff for him, any ideas on where i can acquire a big stick? i found some curtain rods that are about the right size, but something with a taper would be prefereable, i'd like to avoid using a lathe if i can. is finding a branch and finishing it a bad idea?

thanks in advance for any advice!

MM rust fox fur X-posting of DOOM!

Hi! So I know that I can't be the only person mourning the loss of Montery Mills rust colored fox fur. (If you don't know what that was, it's the fur used in this beautiful tail. It's a three inch pile, super dense, super fuffy, super high quality stuff.) Since it's the perfect fur for foxes, at least cartoony ones, and isn't bad at all for real ones either, it gets used a lot.

What I want to do is to order a custom order of the stuff from Monterey Mills. I've contacted them and gotten the neccessary information. It's going to take some doing, but right now I'm in a unique position where I am able to do it. This endeavor is right now at a 90% chance of actually happening. (If I don't get more than one or two preorders, I'm not doing it, but I expect at least a few of you will be interested.) I just need a little bit of help from all of you, because the minimum order is HUGE, and I don't want to buy the whole 300 yards myself. (That's right, 300 yards!)

So here's the deal.

I'm now taking preorders. The fur comes in 15 yard rolls. You must order a whole roll to preorder. The fur is $10 a yard for preorders only. A roll is thus $150 for the entire fifteen yards. You will also have to pay shipping for the fur to get from me to you. I will charge you exact shipping, which should be in the vicinity of $25. (It will vary depending on where you live.) You must pay the entire cost of the roll up front, but I'll charge for shipping after it's arrived.

Once the fur has actually been ordered, I'll be selling it in single yard ammounts, but it will be $30 a yard then, not $10 a yard. So to get the five yards needed for a full suit from me after the preorders close, you'd have to pay $150. Hmmm... why not order now and get an entire 15 yards for that price?

If you wish to preorder, comment here. Tomorrow, once I know if there are enough people to go forward with this, I'll contact you for payment. If you can't pay now, please don't say you want a roll. (Paypal preferred, chash at your own risk, check, or money order accepted, but mail it FAST if you're mailing, as if it's not here when I place the order next week, you're out of luck.) Once I've gotten the preorder money, I'll place the order with Montery Mills. It will then be about one month while they make the fur. As soon as it arrives, I'll ship your rolls out to you, and you'll have enough fox fur to last you for quite a while!

Do not respond unless you are SURE you can commit to a whole roll.

So, who wants some fur? (Sorry for the massive X-posting, but I want to make sure that everyone gets an opportunity to get in on this at the preorder price if they can.)

lookin for some fur

Anyone have about a yard of bring bold Red they could either sell me or trade for something.preferby a thicker fur (good quality).can not find any red fur around my area in any store except for this weird thin cheep wirey like stuff witch they have in many colors but i dont like using it.

pics of the fur would be great too^.^
SUPER happy

Ristin Raccoon

Costume created for Ristin Raccoon.

I'm happy with how this guy turned out! He'll be tipping over trash cans in no time. Lets hope he doesn't pig out to much now.

Two piece suit, Head and Body (With paws attached). Sculpted thighs, padded belly, large paws and feet.
For more images please visit the gallery

Always taking commissions. If anyone is interested please email me (located on my web site)
(Also note, that a full suit estimate is between $1300 - $2000US obviously depending on what you want.)

Back to work on more, stay tuned!
Thanks. ^_^

All Foam Heads?

I'm still planning out my werewolf costume and I've decided that an all-foam head is the route I want to go in. The problem is that I do not have enough money to buy a block of foam to carve with, so I will have to work with smaller pieces and attach them together.

With my first mask using the plastic canvas w/ foam technique, I tried super 77 to glue the foam to the canvas. The super 77 would never dry all of the way, so I had to improvise with hot glue. The hot glue worked well with plastic canvas vs. foam, but not foam vs. foam.

On the head I'm planning, I'm worried that the added resistance caused by me bending strips of foam to fit the form of my head will cause the hot-glued ends to rip apart. The foam just burns. I am using the green foam that is sold in sheets at JoAnns. Should I try to tease the electrical plug of the hot-glue gun to keep it at a low heat to glue the foam? Is there another adhesive/foam that would work better?

I just want to plan everything out carefully before I make an investment and buy materials because I don't have much cash to spare. Any suggestions?

Thank you!

ok, calm, fine

teh ZipZorz

Alright bulding my first suit, Im curious, about zippers. Zippers are used more than velcro or whatever its called, right? Can someone give me a Link to a good Zipper they use for their suit?
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