July 13th, 2006

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I have taken the majority of your tips for the head.
I've edited it, and worked with the formation of the circles, and other parts before fully sewing the rest together.

And here's the Finished Weed Head:
http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y217/scavenge/DSC00280.jpg - Front View
http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y217/scavenge/DSC00281.jpg - Side View
http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y217/scavenge/DSC00282.jpg - Back View

I hope this is good for you guys. And if there's anything needed to be edited. Let me know. :)
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movable jaws and fans

Hey, I've got a couple of n00bish questions that I'm fairly sure aren't in the Memories.

I get the general idea of how a movable jaw is made, as far as the understructure goes, but when it comes to adding the fur, how exactly do you make the corners of the mouth in such a way that you don't get any unsightly pulling or wrinkling of the fabric when the mouth moves (especially if the animal is very short-haired)?

As for fans, where do you generally put them? For some reason, I always figured that they were at the top of the head, but I've heard of people putting them by the mouth. I guess you just point them toward a vent?
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I'm planning on trying to attempt to make a balvica style head for me, but I have no clue on how to find that on piece and a few tutorials that are almost 100% visual based since I'm a heavy visual and hands on learner. Can anyone give me help or suggestions?
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Wickers Midweight Balaclavas

I know a lot of you probably already know this, since I noticed it a while ago, but ... Sierra Trading Post is selling their Midweight Wicking Balaclava again. For a while they didn't offer them, only the expedition weight. Anyway, they are only $4.95, and sometimes come in colours other than black. Just FYI!
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A few questions

I think I’m going to stick with balaclava heads from now on. Mesh takes way too long to set up, and it really tests my patience. ooh shiny

1. Has anyone attempted making their own balaclava from scratch? Any suggested materials? Or should I just snag some cheap ones off ebay?

2. Since my fleece hats are coming out so well (I’ve made almost three dozen of them!), I’m considering ways to extend the pattern all the way down the head to make full head masks, and possibly modifying that pattern to make fursuit heads with fur. Perhaps with a little strategy, I could theoretically make a fursuit head that isn’t attached to any sort of base? I am just crazy enough, after all...

2b. And if I did that, what kind of padding material would you suggest I use? I don’t think cushion foam would be an option- has anyone ever tried stuffing a head with fiberfil? I wonder how much heat that would retain...

3. Completely unrelated- I’m going to be making a full suit out of fleece soon. Fur is great padding, and hides seams- fleece doesn’t. Do you recommend padding underneath for twiggy people like myself or will it turn out fine in the end?

4. Where can I find time to build suits? ‘cause I sure don’t have any time anywhere, I even checked in the couch. Nothing.