July 14th, 2006


Wigs or hair pieces on fursuits and ME?

I need to make a hair piece for my fursuit head that looks like:

Or as close as possible.

I would and am also interested in making one that looks like


The difference between the first and second one is that the front is different, the back side is essentially the same.

Sadly I know I probably won't have it done before Otakon in August, as I don't have the time to be spending making stuff anymore. I was wondering 1) Is there a tutorial on hair piece making somewhere? 2) Is there someone willing to make the hair pieces for me? (for my costume head of course, not for me to run around in by myself XD) 3) What does something like that go for?

Any help would be appreciated greatly! Thank you and kind regards!

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In search of Neon green fur

Alright I am in a bit of trouble here.... I have to make a lion fursuit.... the lion is black and neon green... please can you all help me. I can't find one that is bright enough. I mean I found lime green at a few places. But um.. I fear the quality of them. Like they look like a very poor qaulity fur, I need a nice dense fur for the lions mane. I don't need much of it but I do need it... So if anyone can help me that would be great. 2-3 inch pile 3 inches is prefered...

Thanks ahead of time...
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