July 16th, 2006

Bodysuit with interchangable sections?

I was typing up a reply to a post here when an idea hit me.

Has anyone done a suit that's interchangable between costumes, NOT by having the same shape for the characters, but by adding and removing pads over areas of the suit? I was thinking of something like having just a plain bodysuit, no modifications, and sewing strips of velcro in areas where pads would be added, like the chest, body, thighs, calves, etc.

That way, all I'd need to make when I needed them were cushions that were appropriately sized for the costume and just stick them on, and take them off when it needed a washing and it'd be easy to machine wash. *Definately a lot easier to wash than my plushie bodysuit, that's for sure!*

My only qualm would be if someone wanted to buy a costume off me since it would be the same suit costume-hopping and not a new suit for each costume, but more than likely, they won't have my body shape or size and would require a new bodysuit to be made anyway.
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Greetings, everyone.
I've been reading this board for a while now, and saw all the really great ideas being exchanged. This is a great forum - it's really inspired me.

A few days ago, I started my own head. Both me and my wife are artists, but haven't ever really worked in sculpture. I've taken this as far as I can alone. I don't think it's ready to be furred, but I don't know what else to do with it. Hopefully you guys can help:

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It's coming, I think..
Thanks for looking. Assume you'll be hearing from me more in the future until I get this project finish! Thanks so much for the help!!

A terribly long post about construction

right. just posted a head, and for once got a pretty good series of progress pics, especially of the early stages. so what follows is a "how Fatkraken makes a fursuit, with moving jaw" type...thing. there are missing stages; I don't go into the eyes, or much of the detailing, since that's specific to the suit and anyway, is recorded elsewhere. but for the basic constructions, I've not seen tutorials that are quite like this, plenty are similar and this is just another option to be used, abused and altered as people see fit.

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