July 17th, 2006


head help

im makin my bfs first head an needing some help

he wants it non moving jaw, i used one of Growlys turorials an it helped a lil but now im a lil stuck. its so like spungy idk, i think its just cuz its mesh an foam.i think i need to beef up the muzzle a lil but im not sure about the shape of it. i wanted it to like have a crese so u can tell from the bottom jaw ya no. anyways heres some pics

Tiger Drawing

Tiger Head

Hey guys. Done some more work on my head. Took a lot of coments, and pinned fur on it, and instantly saw where it needed to be shaved, and where foam needed to be added.

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I appreciate all the ideas I got from my last post.
Thanks a bunch for helping!