July 18th, 2006


A quicky

I got an email from a friend this past Friday night, asking if I would be interested in making a basic head for a dog costume. Now I knew they were interested before in obtaining a fursuit, but it wasn't a dog, so for the hell of it I put aside my current projects to see if I could make the fursuit doggy head in one day. My friend had almost all the material I needed save for a few things, so I brought my tools and the few missing materials over to their place to do the work.

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All things consider I think the head came out well. It's definitely the fastest time I've personally made a complete fursuit head from scratch, so I'm rather happy with that. It's going to be a bit surreal, though, since at most I've only been around the head for a day and a half, so I may end up forgetting that I even made it in the near future. That will be weird...

Anyhow, thanks for reading.
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Hello folks. :)

I'm in the process of making my first fursuit head at the moment, and I need some advice. I've looked through the memories and I can't find any mention of how someone would make whiskers. I was thinking of some kind of plastic-coated wire, but I don't think it would stay straight and un-crinkled for long. I need long, (probably 30cm or longer), white whiskers. Has anyone made a suit with whiskers or have any idea what I could use?

Also, the species of the head is a binturong.

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Their faces are pretty wide. How much bulk would a long-pile fur add on the cheeks? At the moment the head's pretty much flat on the sides, so I'm wondering just how much foam I'd need to use to bulk it up enough to make it look like the creature. As I'm going more towards toony than realistic, the face is proportionally longer than a binturong's face is. I'll try to get a picture of my progress so far... but at the moment it's more oval vertically than horizontally. Would a long-pile fur (3-4cm, 1.5-2 inches or more) bulk up the cheeks enough to make it look good if I used short-pile fur for the rest of the head?
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Duct Tape Dummy needed

I need to get a new duct tape dummy done in order for an artist to finish a comission. Aparently the tape I used on the original dummy broke down over time, so I need to use a specific kind of tape.

I amstarting to wonder if gaff tape would work better.

Anyhow. Anyone in and around the South San Francisco bay available to help me get a DTD done?
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Another hat, and a visual tutorial!

Click me for the visual guide to making hats!

This hat is a commission for wolff_slaven, and I decided that it would double as my first visual tutorial. The guide shows a roughly step-by-step process to making hats how I do. For simpler hats, you can put them together from remnants and scraps of larger pieces of material.

I figured I would take pictures as I made the hat, since I tried to write down how I make hats the other day. It was a disaster; I tend to get wordy, and I know people don’t (want to) read all that stuff. It’s basically a set of guidelines, “if your hat looks like this then you’re okay!”

You can progress through the photos by clicking on the picture in full view mode- that will take you to the next image. I can answer questions here if you need! Have fun!