July 19th, 2006


my 1st try - from scratch

Ok guys, no cheating on this one, no giant plushies were harmed in this project. I tried my hand at making a head from scratch using plastic mesh. I really messed it up but decided to finish it anyway. Meet Twitch, the cougar. in all her Pixy stix/caffinated highness. Her facial markings are lopsided so I put her ear on cocked sideways and her eyes(when finished) will have an loopy expression. Her hair is a plain ponytail able to be styled or swapped out for another color.Still have to add the nose as well, make handpaws, maybe footpaws and her tail.
Materials wise, the skull was left from a scrapped project a while back and the fur is just what I had onhand.

SideView unfurred

My neck is not viewable with the addition of a wrap made from the same material. TIl I get the eyes done and nose added, my mate says I look like a monkey. If I still do after those are added, so Twitch becomes a primate *Shrugs*
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