July 20th, 2006


Also.. heat guns??

Okay.. so another question. I'm going to be building my next fursuit head (a bunny!) and the guy wants me to go ahead and experiment with Wonderflex plastic instead of using foam. I'm needing a heat gun to make the plastic hot enough so I can mold it. Where can I buy a heat gun, what kind do I get and how much do they usually range?

Thanks guys! I'm making a supply list and trying to calculate how much all this will cost!
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Taurs. . .

Ok, so I was browsing around VCL last night, and I saw some nice taur pics. Knowing me, I got to wondering. . .

Has anyone ever tried to make a taur suit? Or thought about it? I mean, with work, it's possible. Heck, I even got an idea how to make the hind legs move. But I need to finish everything else before thinking about trying that idea.

I want to hear your guys' thoughts on this. Or ideas or whatever. Good day! ^^
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Update!! FUR!!

An Update!! Thanks for all the input thus far - You guys have really been a big help!

I'm finally starting to Fur it! I think it's looking quite good. I can finally see it come to life!

I also made eyes for it... They're the wrong shape, But it's obvious what shape it needs to be, just the way the fur lays on the head. So I quickly cut one out of paper. I think it'll be great.

It will also get a pink nose...

Any more thought on the name Polo? I'm really on the fence about it.

Need Help Finding Fur

I will be commisioning Concord to be made into a full suit, but unfortunetly his fur is a little hard to find. I have been able to find the Blue fur (Baby blue short pile) at


Seems like its an exact copy of what I need, but yet I still can't find the Purple, can someone please help?

Here are the two primary colors:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Purple - This is what I need to find

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Blue - I found some at Mendels, but if anybody has any other locations for this blue stuff please lemme know.

Thanks :-)

EDIT: Found out the purple is Fushia/Blue tipped fur if that helps

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i'm having some second thoughts on my Red XIII quad suit. since i saw this post not ten minutes ago, i've been wondering if it would be more comfortable to have myself standing upright with the back legs attached to my own legs in a way that would allow them to move with me. however, this would make for a very large Red XIII and incorrect as far as his character design goes. Red's only 3'9". plus the convention center where i am wearing this suit has TONS of stairs, and i would need to buy much more fur than originally planned.

originally i had planned a quad suit where my front legs would have pvc pipe extenders. i'm worried as to how comfortable this suit will be and how well i'm going to hold up inside the suit itself. (i have bad joints, especially wrists and knees. and spine. and hands. :( ) i don't want to have to be sitting down and resting every few minutes at ConnectiCon next year. i'm going to end up wearing ace bandages on my wrists to help with the support. my left wrist is especially bad, i can't put any weight on it whatsoever. (it's my fault that i fell down the stairs and hurt it in the first place :P)

has anyone managed to make a comfortable quad suit? i want the suit to be as anatomically correct and as true to Red's character as possible. and of course he's going to have LED lights and fibre optics in his tail. :) also, is any kind of fabric paint acceptable for painting faux fur?

thanks, everyone :D
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Uh..squishy feetpaws?

Well, lurking aside, I've finally decided that I need to make some cat feetpaws. Ive seen tons of tutorials on how to use foam on an old pair of shoes and such, but i'm not gonna be using fur is my problem xD;

Maybe someone could give me a few pointers on how I would use say, fleece and polyester filling? (sketch included)

Turns out the answer was right in front of me..thanks for all the help everyone. <3

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