July 22nd, 2006


Starting a fiber glass project

Hey. I've been reading for a while but haven't posted here before but...Well...Insanity strikes from time to time. My insanity this week was deciding that my second fursuit head was going to be made from fiber glass. So...The past couple of days have seen me sketching a lot and screwing around with clay to hammer out some ideas.

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Meet Colin!

He's a colliesheltiemuttthing of some sort or other, and my first ever fullsuit. He turned out to be a lot easier than I thought he'd be, and I'm very pleased with him. He'll also be a personal suit, although I'm going to have to find some excuses to wear him around now! I'd been taking a whilke to get around to bodysuit making, and I decided that I should just jump in and get on with it.

I learnt a lot from building him. His design is fairly simple, but I loved putting him together and learning how to work with measurements. I used this method, and he turned out very form fitting. Only thing I'm not pleased with is the zip placement - I put it in the back and it's a pain to fasten the suit up on my own! I think next time I'll put it in the belly panel seam or under the arm or somewhere else easy to get to.

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