July 24th, 2006


Has anyone purchased sterling grey seal..

.. and actually RECEIVED sterling grey seal? First of all, I bought it from CR's almost THREE months ago.. they were out. After finally remembering to e-mail them a few weeks ago about it, they say they had JUST got it in.. amazing. So I received it, and behold, it is the EXACT same color as the original slate grey seal. I ask them about it, and they said it WAS in fact sterling but the dye lot had changed THAT much that it was as dark as the slate.. unbelieveable. -.-

This is really not helping out on a commission that I was supposed to have finished over a month ago.. I can't find another short, light grey fur and I have to ask the commissioner to either go with another color, or buy yet another black fur to go with a different length grey (as I have already purchased the black seal needed for the suit).