July 26th, 2006

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I found this really nifty site and didn't know if anyone would be interested.


They sell all sorts of weird colored glue sticks, in mini and regular size as well. It's a shame you have to get so many, but they have glitter, and glow-in-the-dark too. Which would make for some really interesting detailing. :)

And does anyone know if this stuff will work for suits?

I was looking for black glue sticks, so the glue would blend in better. :3
  • vaide

Just thinking.

I was thinking about characters with slightly longer than normal necks at random and how to make a fursuit for them, such as some types of dragons, etc.

Basically, the head is more sitting on top of the wearer's head instead of around it. And a headbrace would make it so that the head turned but the neck didn't turn so much (Like skin instead of a stiff neck)

Has anyone done something like this and did it work very well?

I don't have anything planned or in the works right now as far as suits, it's just a random thought. ^_^ Maybe someone else might find it useful.

PS, I'm not new, I've just assumed a new identity (Previously Raging_Calamity).


Ok so I have been having a bad month. I cant make felise eras for the life of me recently and I don't know why. So I thought, well maybe I took a break from it for too long. Maybe I need to glance over some tutorials to help. If anyon knows of some site containing tutorials on the following please reply.

Ears: feline and fox

Tails: wolf and fox

Thanks for all your help
corn snake

Started Furring

started furring my spotted hyena head, the fur came this afternoon from CR crafts. Simple (because it's my first attempt at a suit) color and design. Using short cubby chocolate and short cubby ginger. So far, it's coming ok. Although the entire time i kept singing the theme song from the movie "8 mile" because really you have 1 shot to lay the fur down just right.

Also ordered a set of paw pads and a nose from white wolf today. I probably will order some claws next month because i cannot sculpt with clato save my life.