July 27th, 2006

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Two Questions Again ^^

I've been reading a crapload of tutorials and I haven't seen anything on paw pads (hands, that is). What would one reccomend making the pads out of that isn't fabric? I want it to look more real.

And the second is of body padding. I know about gluing foam to lycra bodysuits, but I can't find those here for the life of me and I really don't want to internet order. I'm doing a muscular suit, and it I need a base to put the foam on before furring. Anything else I can possibly do?

Thanks again. ^^
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A couple of questions for those based in the UK..

1/ Where do you get your fur from? I know there's a directory of online suppliers in the profile of this community, but everywhere I look seems to only sell cheap fun-fur.. I'm really looking for some high-quality stuff that isn't international, and I'm not having much luck in finding it :/ I was wondering if there are any suppliers in London/the South that supply good quality stuff.

2/ What do you use to glue foam to foam/foam to fur? I tried making a head last year which I quickly gave up on, but when I was doing it I was using Impact (Evo Stik?) which seemed to work okay. Is this the best stuff to use?

3/ What hardness of foam do you use/where do you get it from? I have a block of foam here, however I'm wondering if it might be too soft for a head. Although then again, some people have told me that using soft foam is a good thing, since if the head takes a knock somehow, it's less likely to take damage than hard foam would.

All answers appeciated :D
the master

skunk fursuiters please help!

Hey guys, I need some help here. I have (finally) finished the plastic mesh and foam skunk head, and I need to get some fur so I can fur it..

I am going to make a half suit- hands, feet (MAYBE legs, it depends on a couple of things) tail and a head. I am not sure how much fur I am going to need. It is going to mostly the main color of chocolate brown, with silver (or gray)headfur and stripes, so I dont think I will need much of that. So how much do you guys think I will need for the fur? I was thinking maybe 1-2 yards of silver (or gray) and 3-4 yards of brown. Does that sound like it will be enough?

Also, I am not sure where to get the fur. I was thinking at first that I would like some nice long fur with a 2-3 inch nap, but I dont think I can get that without breaking the bank. For a skunk, do you think a 1 inch nap on the fur will be enough? It will be more toony than realistic. And if so, anyone know where I can get a nice basic 1 inch nap silver (or gray) fur and the same length in brown? I am having a much harder time finding fur that I though I would. Anyone have any swatches from CRS or somewhere like that with those colors I can look at?

And one more thing (sorry about asking too many questions) but I am not sure how to do the skunk tail. It doesnt have to go up and curve around, that may be too hard for my first try. It is okay for it to just hang down in the back, but how can I get that skunk shape? Anyone have a pattern? I was thinking about making a diamondish shape out of foam, maybe a couple of layers of it, then putting fur over it, almost like a sleeve. Would that work?
Skunk fursuiters, please help!!! :)
Beetle Autumn

Springer fursuit

Greetings! :D

Originally posting here as Skathkatt, I've been at a summer job as a lookout observer for the last 3 months or so. All you need to know about the job is that it involves living in a cabin in the woods with no internet (or line power or running water for that matter) so I've been awol from posting here for the last while.

Anyhow, I've had a bunch of time over the summer to experiment and increase my skills, and I've recently made my first fursuit ever. Her name is Springer. You can guess what she is (maybe I'll tell you tommorrow) but the name is a pretty good giveaway.

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I am interested in all feedback but please do it soon.

I will be returning to my cabin in the woods tomorrow to finish out the summer and would love to hear feedback before that or I will have to wait 'til fall :(

I may not have time to reply to comments made, but I'll try. So if you recieve a comment reply a month from now, that will be why :)

I have been working on lots of other things and made a few partials, footpaws, handpaws, tails, and the like. Rewrote my webpage and have got tutorials for a bunch of things. I will also have better pics of Springer. Wish I had time here now but I'll release all that in the fall when I'm back for good :D

Beetlecat (formerly Skathkatt)

EDIT: 39 comments already!? Wow. I will try to answer all questions asked. Thank! I'm glad you all like her :D
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An Odd Sort of Question...

This is an odd sort of question (actually, it's a series of related questions), but I believe if anyone could answer it, some of the more talented fursuit builders here could.

In 1967, a suspected film of a sasquatch was shot in northern California.  The "Patterson Film" has been a sore point for believers and skeptics alike because its relatively low resolution, 8mm clip shows just enough of what appears to be a sasquatch without showing any telltale signs to indicate that it is either real or a hoax.

I've found a copy of the film here, for the curious: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJIMbBcZgwc

My questions revolve around the "gorilla suit" theory.  Some have claimed, owing to the visible, rippling musculature and the way the fur stays in place and doesn't sag or bag around knees and elbows, that it would be either difficult or impossible to create such a suit using materials available in 1967, and that it is definitely not one of the models of gorilla suits commercially available that year.

My questions are:
1. Does anyone know where to obtain reference material on commercially-available gorilla suits produced during that time period?
2. Does anyone know of a source for a 1960s-vintage, commercially produced gorilla suit?
2. Freeze the frame where the alleged sasquatch appears on screen the fullest, and look carefully at the form and movements... In your opinion, would the difficulty in creating a suit to similar specifications be more than a low-profile hoaxer could afford or would bother to produce?
3. In your opinion, could such a suit be created without materials available only in recent years (such as NFT brand stretch fur)?
4. Is the appearance of muscles that roll and ripple beneath the fur without binding or wrinkling possible?

I'm especially interested in the first and second questions because I happen to have a vintage 8mm camera of a type similar to the one Patterson used, and may be interested, in the future, in attempting to re-create the film in order to put the "five-and-dime gorilla suit" hypothesis to the test.

Sorry if this bigfoot thing is slightly off-topic!  I promise I'll have pics of my new suit as soon as it's finished!

EDIT: The Wikipedia mentions that the camera in question was in fact not an 8mm camera but a Cine-Kodak K100 16mm camera; I do have a Cine-Kodak model K as well.  Here is a freeze frame closeup, as found on Wikipedia:
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