July 30th, 2006

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I have a question on heads? I have made muzzle peices for my nose area and for my jaw area that fit perfect over my nose and my own jaw. Where should I go next from there becuase I feel lost and I could add spirit gum to make them stick if I want and thats how much they form on my face and I used crayola model magic to make them.
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First off hi to everyone, first post here...been watching for a bit now.

So, i've been pondering for a while about making a partial costume.  I've made a few tails, and have a few tails commissions at the moment. 

Right now i'm concentrating on a head for my character (tiger), and my mate's chatacter (folf).  At first I thought about making a plastic mesh head, since that appears to be the best for me and one of the more popular options.  Though i'm not really comfortable with shaping foam around the mesh.  I then had the idea of possibly getting a taxadermy head and forming a head around that....a modified paper mache.  I saw the link that catwoman69y2k had posted for the furbid wolf skull thing, and that got me to post here.  Has anyone ever tried making a head using a form?  If so, how did it turn out? Was it ungodly hot, did it fall apart, did it look horrible once furred?

I'm not sure exactly how I would paper mache the form..just for sure not to use the usual paper mache recipie.  I've done sculptures before using the technique that i'm thinking of...just not a wearable piece, so i'm not sure how it would react.  I'm wanting to go for something realistic looking, but not 'OMG there's a real tiger in here'.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated.  Thanks!
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A call for price quotes....

Hey there, community.

This is a question to all the fursuit makers out there. I'm looking to get a suit made of my character, Makaze, and I'm trying to get a good idea of what it's going to cost me.

I would prefer a full suit, something a little more fitted to myself so I can wear clothes (dresses, mainly) over the suit. It would be solid black, in, if possible, a more long, soft fur that could possibly resemble downy feathers, as the character is an avian. The forearms would be something less fuzzy, with plate-like scales on the backs and onto the hands and fingers. Hindfeet would be normal paw-feet. The most difficult part of this suit would be the face/head.

She wears a metal mask over her face, it's something that would be a bit rusty-looking, darker colored metal or... I don't know maybe some sort of stiff leather? Any input on ideas for that would be welcome, as well.

Here are some pictures of the character, for a better idea since I kinda suck at describing her
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And, there's a whole bunch more here if you're still confused.

So! Price range? Ideas on construction? Any input is more than welcome!
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