July 31st, 2006

finally got my fur today.....

okay so I posted here a while ago about needing to figure out what species to make becuase I have been wanting to do a plushie suit and my colors are 3 yards of green, 4 yards of light blue, and 2 yards of red. Plus I was given 3 yards of a greenish blue and 4 strips of 1 yard by 60 inches of a baby blue. so if anyone could throw some ideas out to me of something to make for a fursuit that would be great. And I think I am in a creative rut plus I have no drawing talents.
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Lighted eyes

Here's a soldered light design for the one and only joecifur! It's a 4.5V source rigged to a switch and two 2.5V red LED's in series. It was so fun and easy to make that I almost want to so something similar for my next suit's eyes. This was a great confidence builder, after the disaster that was Ixion. Lesson learned: don't use coiled wire like speaker wire, just straight 24 AWG single-strand. And don't be afraid to glob solder on to areas with poor stick such as leads to a switch.

Here's what you need for glowing eyes:
1 battery holder (I recommend 2x or 3x AA holders), preferrably with lead wires coming out of them.
1 switch that is easy to flip on and off but isn't obnoxiously large. The one I used here was called a "chicago switch".
2 LED's (obviously).
a bunch of 24 AWG wire

If you know where to look (http://sciplus.com) you can get these materials for under two bucks. They don't appear to be listed on the site, but they have a lot of awesome stuff in their Chicago-area stores (even fake fur and a $25000 German periscope!)

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Have fun!

Disclaimer: only attempt this if you understand the concepts of voltage and resistance (see comments)