August 1st, 2006


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does anyone have photos of suits made with this fur? i'm still looking for that perfect color, and i really don't feel like waiting a week for swatches. any pictures would be great and very appreciated.
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Im having alot of trouble after I finish getting enough stitches in then making a knot. Im not using a machine to sew. But is there a tutorial or something on how to make a good finishing knot? I cant find any. My knots are close anough to the fabric and are often small.
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So.. I finally found the fur I would like to buy for my new fursuit. It's not teal but it's this omg-mazing uber bluish greenish-cerulean color which is fine if my character turns into that and it's ALMOST teal so it works. I ordered a CRAPLOAD of swatches from Distinctive Fabric and they has to be some of the best fur I have ever felt. The quality is fantastic in my opinion and it is SO soft. No coarse fibers and it's so smooth looking!

I'm going to get some of that Turquoise (it's very cerulean IRL.. picture isn't even close to the real color :P) and I'll also have to get some in white and black and I just ordered another swatch of the purple.

I got some swatches of this stuff for my opossom character "Cotton Candy" and it too is very nice!! I'm very impressed with the quality of furs here... MUCH better than Mendel's which I tend to not like very much due to the craptastic texture.

I hope their short pile fur is nice. I ordered some swatches of white and black in that as well. If not, I'll just shave down the black and white long hair fur which I love so much and I'll have to shave down the teal anyways (we Xelorians have VERY short fur... cept our tails! :D). Also.. Velboa is amazing. If only they had it in teal! I'd just use that! It's the fur length I need!

So I highly recommend them plus they have some very interesting furs to choose from!

.... i have a cricket in my bedroom...
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Nox- animated rain

Angry eyes

Hey all,

My current project requires "angry eyes". He is a college mascot, and I would love to give him a feisty look. He already has a bit of a grin. Joined witht he eyes, he should look nice and smug.

So...if you lot are willing, please show me your best angry eye shapes. I'm going to be using a 3d design, and toony is good. The more shapes I can get here the better the finished project will be.

Here is what I have right now ( the eye shape just isn't quite right):

Collapse )

The foaming is nowhere done, and the beak has totally cxhanged since then. *laughs* But it is close enough to give you an idea of how the eyes are spaced and the shape I have now.

Thanks all!

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