August 3rd, 2006


I need your help on fur colors.

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Hello, fellow Cosplay Fursuiters! Seeing that someone else in Cleveland, Ohio is doing Jerome from Ginga Densetsu Weed, Ive decided to make the big boy himself, Weed! Ill be wearing him to the Ohayocon 2007.

Hes going to be made of all foam and Im hoping I can make him a fullsuit, but if not, Ill make him a half-suit with cloths matching his fur pattern x3 This will include his head, paws, feet and tail =D

I need help on finding the perfect color for his fur. I want it to be in the short pile since his fur is short. Heres an image of him.

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Fur and mechanical jaws

Two questions. I'm currently working on making a white scottish terrier fursuit, and I need some really long fur for her underside, muzzle and legs. Does anybody have an idea of what kind of fur would work for this, where to find it, and how much I would need for a full-suit? I guess I would be willing to buy it from a website.

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Santa Fox

Pool-Friendly Mascot Costume

I had an idea today to build a pool-friendly animal costume to add to my ever-growing cast of characters. I'm thinking of doing some kind of aquatic character that I could build mostly out of swimsuit nylon fabric, since that kind of fabric would have to be designed to hold up reasonably well in chlorine-filled pool water.

This is a completely new direction for me, so I went looking for information and haven't found much - is there any info out there on materials that work good in chlorinated water, as well as other techniques for building a suit suitable for swimming in? I saw a little bit of info on, but it was more geared towards swimming in something made out of fake fur.

I wouldn't be starting on this until next spring, but I'd like to start gathering info so that I can be figuring out a character and a character design.

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Fun fur?

Hello everybody. I'm new here, just discovered this journal xD
I was reading the topics, and I saw some thing about "Fun Fur"... But, what exactly is Fun Fur? What's the difference between it and the other furs?