August 5th, 2006


wolf/feline ears

made a new ear set tonight, needed something to do an got a lota scrap fur it goes..

started off to be feline ears,but they could be wolf i guess

edit:for Non DA users=

not sure weather to keep these,put them on furbid,trade for something..
considering any offer i guess right now,could really use the $

what yall think? lol
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(no subject)

hi does anyone know where i can get lime green/neon green shag thats not fun fur or seal in that color? or is anyone has some id gladly buy it off them, i need it for Shadow, a new dragon character with green hair/spikes like in anime.

thanks ~shaggy

New to this community but not new to costuming

Hi I am new here, and just figuring out how to post. I had no idea that so many people were busy making furry costumes, and I am very impressed with all of your creativity.
I have been designing and making custom mascot costumes for about ten years now.My clients are ad agencies, sports teams, businesses, etc. My techniques are in general somewhat similar to those describes here, but in many ways different. I am intrigued by how you all are making the heads, for example. Mine tend to be quite a bit larger, usually with a modified baseball helmet fitted inside. The fur coverings for my heads are fitted and stitched, and can be removed for cleaning. The facial features, noses, ears, eyebrows,etc. are usually bolted on.
I am enjoying reading all the posts, and after I figure out how to send pictures, I will try to do that as well!
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A wolf and a fox...


Here is a new theatrical mask, made for a performance of "Beauty and the Beast" here in SoCal.

More images HERE, or click the image. :)

He's been sculpted to allow for voice projection and excellent vision whilst on stage. As well as being very "easy on and off" for the change.
He's entirely cast from foam, so weighs next to nothing.

We'll also be doing a "demon" variant with a red and black face, horns tilted upwards and a slightly meaner paint job.
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Construction Plans

I'm getting ready to build my guilmon fursuit(this is also my first suit) and I drew up some plans on how I'd pad the suit and attach the tail. I'm still trying to figure out how to attach the tail, since I don't want it to hang limply and drag. I'd like to hear any advise and suggestions on the tail and padding. I'd also appreciate any pattern making links anyone may have as the jumpsuit style bodys aren't going to work in the case of Guilmon.