August 6th, 2006

Tiger pattern?

Hey all. I'm gettin ready to start work on a tiger comin up soon and the only option to do the pattern is pretty much via airbrushing and fur dyes. So I've been trying to find a dye that I can use with my airbrush that will last, not fade when exposed to water (fursuiters sweat in suit) and one that hopefully will not ruin the softness of the fur. If anybody has any suggestion I'd much appreciate it.

Need fur

I really Need some purple long pile fur about a yard maybe more I was wondering if anyone had any this colour that they are willing to sell me, I need it in under 2 weeks.
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Or does anyone know of a site that sells about that colour, accepts paypal and ships internationally?

Thanking you in advance
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Brer & Alopex

Fursuit Calendar! Please pass the word

Example calendar page[Alopex] I'll keep this brief, since it's my first post here and I'm not sure if this is quite on topic, but Sofawolf Press is holding a contest for photos to create our first ever fursuit calendar. We announced the contest back at Further Confusion 2006, but we've been bad about advertising it since because we've been insanely busy with other things. However, the contest is still open until the end of the month, so please look at our submission guidelines and see if you have any photos you'd like to submit. There's even time to hold a photo shoot!

Full details on the Sofawolf Press website

The email address to send us any questions/comments/submissions is

So for all of you great fursuit creators out there, here's a chance to show off your talents! Even if you didn't make your own suit, you're free to enter the contest. Winning entries for each month will receive three (3) copies of the calendar free of charge and the glory of appearing in our first ever fursuit calendar.