August 7th, 2006

Dragon Head Frills

Hey All its been a while since I posted here, but I've ran into a problem with a dragon commission.

Does anyone have any sure fire ways to do Headfrills/Membrane things? I've come to realize that the stuff the suiter wants to use won't work... as the fabric frays and tears easily (its the stuff used for bridal veils). So do you have any suggestions on what fabric I could use that is not fur and any way to "fur" said head frills. I've drawn a basic picture under the cut to show.

Thanks Everyone.

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Well I finally have a pic of the fursuit I am currently working on. Please note that the neck gaurd fur is not yet attached in this picture but is attacthed as of today, also the hand paws and feet paws are not yet done so i am alittle behind with this commsion cause it is for a church and I am taking my time...

Wip... so have fun and the person wearing the suit is My bf Valerius who is a dragon and felt rather downsized having to wear a dog suit.

click the link to veiw the suit i think... lol
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