August 8th, 2006


kitsune costume!

hay guys! I'm that girl with the model magic clay problems from a couples of weeks ago. welp, I got it all to work (after some paper mache and lots of sanding and clear coat) and figured to share the final product with you all. I know its not really a fursuit per se, but I'm really proud of it and I think I was one of the best kitsunes at otakon over the past weekend. unfortunetely, I was a little underappreciated because I wasn't an existing character. This even kept me from entering the costume contest on saturday :/ anyways! pictures are under the cut :3!

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hello again, fursuiters.

i'm having trouble finding a good jawset. i ordered a lion jawset from vandykes and it ended up being as big as my face. then i ordered a jaguar/leopard/cougar jawset and when it received it, it was the size of the palm of my hand. i wish they gave measurements of the items or something. that would be extremely helpful.

i don't think i'm going to find a suitably sized jawset, so i'm ready to make one myself. it'll be nice to be able to size the jaws myself so that they're perfect and i don't have to build around them. has anyone here made jaws themselves before? what would you recommend using to make them? (i don't want just front teeth, i'm looking to do a full mouth.)

thanks, everyone. :)
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How to make "Angry" and "Determined" eyes

Hmm... a few days ago, someone was asking for suggestions on how to make a bird suit's eyes look kind of angry. I can't find the original post, and I think perhaps my diagram will be beneficial to others, too, so I'll post it here for everyone.
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Hopefully this'll help. Lemme know if you've any questions, or want to see examples of other types of eyes.


Hi, im new here.....also new to the whole fursuiting thing. I saw one of the posts that showed a tail made using knex on the inside. Has anybody ever tried to make the whole frame of the head out of knex?

annie lioness!

hey all, my newest 3/4 suit, she isnt all done yet, but i couldnt wait to post her. her foamed head is from Spirit Creations, i bought it and furred it. wig from (cost 50 x.x) her footpaws are being made now from perro, final pics when shes all done. And she will have her first appearance at Light the night walk in the Frederick Maryland location on October 14th saturday. Then she will appear hopefully at AC 2007, now to work on Evra Von Bat fullsuit! Then Shadow Dragoness along with my commisioned 3/4 suit, Duke_Otterland!

~Shaggy Griffon Studios

i almost forgot, the pics! lol
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New Suit Design!

Romani posted a link to a music video from The Fast Food Rockers in the Fursuit Lounge a few days ago, and the song inspired me to create a design for a new suit I want to make. A Mcdonalds colored dog! I still need to think of a name for him, suggestions would help. But what I really need help on is choosing which design I want to go with. I drew up a bunch of head designs, color designs, and the design I want to do for the bodysuit. The pictures are under the cut.

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