August 9th, 2006

Bar Scene

Avian Suits

I'm curious as to how many fursuit makers have created avian suits and their experiences with making them - since those type of suits would seem more difficult to do correctly I'm thinking.

Also, I'm thinking about getting/making an avian type suit but I believe doing a good looking duck bill would be the most difficult part. Any advice or examples of it being done well?

Home Made Balaclavas?

Hmm, I couldn't find anything on this in the memories, but I'm interesting in making my own balaclava. Is there any certain patterns for it, or should I just wing it? Also, what's the best fabric to use? I'm guessing fleece would be bad?
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Glue Gun

What a haul! What a haul!

Just thought I'd give a little heads-up to people in this community with tips on things to build your fursuits with. :)

Wal-Mart has their fuzzy bath mats back again. They're for the dorms, I guess. This year, instead of bright colors, they have earth tones: white, tan, dark brown, and a dark purplish/burgundy sort of color. These bath mats are $20 each, but have a pretty decent quality fur when you remove the backing. (Watch for these to go on clearance to REALLY get a deal!) Also worthy of note, when they had those two-toned furry bath mats, they ended up selling the same fur by the yard, too, so keep an eye for that. Maybe they'll put it out for sale with the Halloween season coming up.
Also at Wal-Mart, in their $1/yd fabrics, I found a white fabric much like buckram. When I made "trial eyes" and I colored the irises in, my vision was almost 100% through this fabric. So look out for that, too.

Also, those of you looking for cheap balaclavas? My husband works at Ace Hardware, and during the long, slow days he has, he'll go through and straighten things, and also keep an eye for craft/project ideas. One day, he found something he thought I might be able to use: a painter's hood. This is a cheap, thin headsock (balaclava) indended to just cover the head to keep paint off. Because of this, it's really lightweight, and since it's "disposable," it's really inexpensive. Something kind of like this. It costs something like $2... so check your hardware stores for these cheap headsocks if you're looking for something to build on. (I've been building a head on one of these and so far so good, one thing to watch for is too much hot glue can seep through the thin fabric, but it hasn't been a problem.)

Hope these tips help some! :)