August 10th, 2006


'Be Prepared' for this one..

Well, it's not exactly a fursuit.. BUT, it is made the same way. :)

_patches wanted a lifesize Scar plush, and I've always wanted to dabble into making plushies. So I said I would experiment if he would buy the supplies. After thinking about it, and a meager attempt at creating a pattern from a smaller plush, I decided it would be MUCH easier to CARVE the whole thing out of foam.. and would also allow for loads more detail than a regular plush.

I was right, carving it was way easy. Though furring it was a chore and a half. x_x In two weeks of work.. I only spend about 1/4 of the time messing with the foam.


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I have to say I am ever-so-pleased with the result. Though I am not a big fan of the fur used because of it being so long.. but that's what was picked. He does not stand up on his own due to those skinny rear ankles. There was the option of putting wire in his legs to allow him to, but Patches didn't want that.
As far as furring it.. it's done just like my heads. Both glued and (mostly) hand sewn seams. There is one part on him that is actually plush, though.. he wanted him to have a soft chest, so after carving the entire thing and creating the stomach pattern, I carved OUT a huge chunk of the chest, attatched the fur, left an opening, and stuffed with poly-fill.

*whew* Well I am so glad that's over, and glad to be a bit more experienced on the process. So.. I am now happy to accept commissions for these. :) I will simply call it a 'carved plush'. Since it took loads more time than a fursuit as I said, it will cost a bit more than one. I've decided to charge a flat $2300 and will even include shipping in that. Feel free to ask any questions!

Questions, questions and more questions

After creating my first fursuit and preforming in at at Otakon '06. I have decided I am absolutely addicted to fursuiting. Which has caused me to already start planning my next suit, CeCe the Cotton Candy Thylacine! Upon all the rarities of fursuiting I have NEVER in my life see someone make a thylacine (also known as a Tasmanian Tiger or Wolf). Which has led me to some questions.

1) What kind of fur would you suggest? Short, medium, long, ect.
2) How should I do the facial markings. He will be mainly pink with blue markings. His tail stripes will be blue but beyond that, I have no idea what to make blue!
3) This is a concept I would love to do. Thylacines were known for the fact they could open their jaws to 90 degrees. So I was curious, would it be possible to make the jaw drop maybe and open at such a degree that it would look like a massive thylacine yawn? Or am I just being wishful?
4) I am also jobless (babysitting jobs are all I got), any places you know with cheap fur that isn't fun fur? I don't plan on starting soon because of Marching Band and school but, I would be nice to know in advance.

I will probably end up with more questions. This will be my second suit so, I am still learning. He will be a partial so keep that in mind.
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I was just wondering, anyone have experience with the long fur on This Page? I was mostly wondering if anyone has any of it (I'm personally looking at the red fox kind) and exactly how long it is. It looks soft, but doesnt really look that long, but pictures can be decieving. If anyone has any photos of it in use as well (whether on a fursuit or a plushie or the like), I would be eternally grateful ^_^;
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Hi everyone, few questions and the like.

I'm currently discussing a commission for a full dragon suit with added wings. Wings are something I'm a bit unfamiliar with though, so I'm curious as to what you'd reccomend for them.

A few things - first off, the wings are reasonably large and proportional to the body. I probably won't try making them movable, since that's really a bit out of my range right now, but they are a decent size, not tiny little things. They'll probably be in a folded pose for the sake of compactness. What I'm ideally after is something that's lightweight and not horribly expensive. It'd be helpful if the wings were easy to pack as well, since I'll have to send this suit all the way over the Atlantic. It'd be nice if I could build them out of mostly foam, but I'm not sure that becomes too practical after a certain size. On the other hand, if the wings are folded then you probably don't have to worry so much about them flopping... I'm looking into plastic tubing as a frame, but I'd like something simpler if possible.

The one thing that's really puzzling me is how to attach the wings. I've heard a lot of people talk about backpacks and straps but I'm not sure exactly how that's all meant to work, especially along with a full bodysuit. I don't want anything that's going to be too awkard to put on or take off, but obviously it's got to be secure. I guess if the wings are in a folded pose, really lightweight and firmly held together, they could be just sewn on with really strong thread, but I'm not sure. (And that would make the suit difficult to wash, so maybe not...)

I have poked about in the memories, but a lot of it seems to be about rather high tech or moving wings, or full of broken images and links, and I couldn't really find anything at all about attachment to a bodysuit.