August 11th, 2006

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fur can be freaking expensive, >.<

anyone know where I can get long-pile white fur and orange fur for less that $19.00 a yard?

I need 3 yards of the orange and 2 of the white. If you find somewhere that is just $15.00 a yard that would be fine. >.<

I can't spend $80.00+ on fur or else I won't have enough money for the rest of the supplies. O.O

or does anyone have any..large amounts of these colors of fur that you are willing to sell for $15.00 a yard or less?

other than that I am just about done with Trick's mesh head. :D And I'll take pictures of it when I get it completely done, I ran out of stuff to stick the mesh together with so it might be in a while. >.< (I resorted to using SHOELACES from old shoes hahahha! and uh... ran out of shoelaces.)
Dia purplemoon

MODERATOR: Asking for fur

OK guys,
The asking where to buy fur is overwhelming this Community (I am getting complaints about it!) and I am going to have to ask you move all your inquiries about "Where can I find this fur? "does anyone have this fur for sale?" "does anyone have this fur for trade?" to either : FURSUIT_TRADES


I will be adding this little request to the rules list. It's just becoming TOO common of a problem NOT to. Please take a minute to move your posts to those two communities because when I find a few minutes, I will be cleaning up the posts tonight.

Thanks for understanding.
-Dia (Moderator)

Last of what I need for fursuit completion

I spent $141.00 for fur, thats for the beige peices thanks for Growly's help with that, I also purchased the Fursuiters guide book too. I am now closer to completion. All I need do is wait and thats already stressing. Its good i made my orders but waiting makes me so anxiouse. Its never a 100% until I have everything in paw.
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