August 12th, 2006

hauntedhomo, mat

Say hello to Pohki!

my new, candy-themed skunk character for The Candy Skunk Corps!
^which can be found here^

and now, Pohki! ^___^
sorry fer the picture, my scanner's broken!
she is a Men's Pocky skunk x3

a japanese candy that looks like this:

now i really like the way she turned out, and would love to see her as a suit. but i dunno if i will be getting to making her any time soon(due to time, the fact that a don't have my own fursona made yet, and that i have no moneys)
so if anyone loves her enough,(hopefully you at least like her xD) you may make her into a suit :3
i'd be proud to see any drawing of mine made real, so go for it. just e-mail me and let me know <3 (though i do doubt that anyone will love her THAT much.) heh

~Mat <3
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Hey, I'm new to both this community and fursuiting.. I was wondering if any of you could suggest what size (in mm) glass eyes work best in suits. I'm thinking upwards of 20mm would be best, otherwise I'm afraid they'd look 'beady'. Anyone have experience with this? Could anyone point me to some tutorials on using taxidermy eyes and using meshed tear ducts to see out of?

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Haha I laugh at you!

(no subject)


I would like to know what should do about makeing procise cirlces out of thick foam. Circles tend to be a hard task for myself to accomplish happily. Should i just use a compase to make the circles..or will that not work..?

The foamed circles are going to be sewed onto my weed body suit on the inside...or should i sew it onto the outside and just sew long piled white fur over it?

Your help would be greatly appricated :)
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Scar Foaming + Price Clarification

Cause some people asked for this too..

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Man.. that fur added SO much bulk. :P

Also, on pricing for these.. $2300 would be for something THAT big. (he's BIG.. and weighed 25lbs when packaged!) Of course something smaller would be less. And I found out an excellent way to figure out price; charge by the square inch. I.e., I took the length and height of the Scar, as an example, and multiplied them and it just happened to come out to 2301.

As for actual plushies.. I'm not offering those, yet. Not sure if I ever will. That's a bunch more time and figuring out I'd need to do to make patterns for them, and I get enough suit orders as it is to more than make up for that time. :)