August 13th, 2006


After posting my latest suit here I got some good tips on improving the head, and I decided to give him a bit of a facelift. I got several comments on the ears and muzzle especially, so I replaced the ears entirely, making them much bigger, and I added a bit more foam to the muzzle to bulk it up a little. Nothing too big or drastic really, but I think he looks much nicer now!

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You can see the rest of the "after" shots here - I'm not putting them all in this post since they're pretty much reworks of the older photos.

Now all I need to do is find an excuse to wear him...

Punk Werewolf Mask

Edit: His eyes died! I tryed glossing them and now I can no longer see out of them. The wont come off either, and one of them got cracked. T_T I've got a large space to work with and I'd still like to do follow-me eyes but I don't know what materials to use.

I've got this guy almost completed and I am so happy with the outcome. I feel as if I have improved 200% since my last tries at building a head. I used the all-foam technique in this head instead of using plastic canvas and I really got a feel for it as it allowed me to sculpt so much better. My only regret is that I am still making heads too big - the fur really bulked it up even though I shaved most of it down.

The fur is the white and black tipped fur that JoAnns carries - I airbrushed it with acrylic paints. The whiskers are from melted plastic (XD!!!) and the teeth/nose/piercings are all scupley (except for the labret in the lip - it is actual metal). The eyes are my first successful follow-me eyes and are shaved down plastic globes that are inverted and painted. I plan to detail them further, as well as cover them with plastic lenses (taken from those large googly-eyes) and add chiffon/buckram to the pupil to better hide my eyes and I will be extending the fur to cover my neck.

Tomorrow I'll be heading back to JoAnns to look for chiffon or buckram, possibly pick up more fur to make paws, a tail, and feet, if not a partial, and to try for some black glue sticks. I'm not sure how to finish his lip and eye areas without black glue sticks if I can't find them, so any ideas? I also have no clue how to make a pattern for a tail. Keeping the fur flowing in the right direction while making it curve is a concept I just don't get. T_T

Oh! And he's missing his liberty spikes because:
1. JoAnns magically ran out of their red fur
2. I've decided to make him interchangeable hairstyles for different events ((Moehawks, creepy gothic hair, etc.), as this suit is going to be primarily used for promotional purposes. Rawk!

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Thank you all for your help so far!