August 14th, 2006


Missing details, HELP!

Okay, I bought the Critter Costuming Book, Its pretty vague and has no section on Moving Jaw. That all I need to know for now, I didn't like my fixed jaw. I am so impatient so if anyone can, is there links that show me how? I have the stretchy band material alread to work with.
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Its been a while...

Its been some time since I've posted here on this community, but I do still read it. The work you guys do always amazes me! Hopefully one of these days I'll have time to create a full suit. Until then I've been making ears like mad!! ^_^

Sooo, if any one is interested in any ear/tail commissions, hit me up here!

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Well, I have sketched up a general idea for CeCe, my thylacine's head. It's kind of funny because he is a punky boy but his colors or pink and blue. Hehe. Kinda contradicts itself, yes? I'm still curious on what kind of length fur I should use when I make the partial and if there is any possible way with a balaclava/ninjahood based head to make the jaw open to an almost 90 degree angle in the typical adorable thylacine gape.

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