August 15th, 2006



Are there any tutorials on making floppy ears (like dog ears)? If not, can someone help me out with an easy way to make cute flopped ears?

Thanks. :]

edit: I guess I should have mentioned that I don't want them to be stiff, for instance I want them to flop back if I lay down or something. So making them entirely out of foam is not something I want to do.
Happy Bat

Head Makeing Turtorial?

Okay you guys...

I want a new methed of makeing a head, but here are my delemas.

My normal methead is mesh with foam over it for shape. I have found this meathed is not the best as the mesh tends to break very easily after only a year or so. It takes alot of work to use this methed and if I'm going to spend that much time on something I want it to last.

The foam block is something I do not wish to do for two reasons. One, cost of materials, just to expensive for me considering I never sell my suits anyway. I won't spend that much money if it won't get me anywhere. Two, how hot those things are, they are called toaster heads for a reason, and I overheat easy...

Balacalva (bleh spelling) is definitly not what I want. I like the aspect of a moveing jaw, and the whole reason I like mesh is because a movieng jaw works fluently with it. This methed just dosn't work correctly with a movieng jaw, it retricts it horribly, in my experence.

So I'm really at a loss. I was thinking I would try paper mache and foam, but really this would prove semi-useless as any sort of presperation would probably destroy the paper mache. I'd like to try metal mesh again, and maybe paper mache over it, but I don't know how comfertable it would be. Spray foam would work, but then I would probably just get pissed at molding, plus I hear it can make one sickly.

So what are my options? Are there better metheds?

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