August 16th, 2006


Glue Gun Lifespans

Has anyone had a glue gun, well, break? I think mine just bit the dust. It's been plugged in for an hour now and it's barely warm. I've had it since I first started suit-building in 2001, so I'm not all that surprised. But I just never imagined it dieing. :O

I'm thinking of dropping $40 on an 'industrial' one. I'm anxious to see just how much better a glue gun can get.

Muzzle coloration help

I'm being assured that you guys can come up with something just amazingly fantastic (which is what I want), so here we go!

I guess I should first introduce you to my horse (mare) partial, Rhean. She's being made with leftover black and white MM seal fur. I am currently re-making the head because of too many 'small' issues with the current head. While I'm fixing those problems, I want to take a look at the coloration of the muzzle -- the old one just doesn't sit right with me.

Here are some pics of the old coloration:
Right 3/4 view
Front view
Left 3/4 view

So this is my plea to all of you more-artistic-than-I (i.e. -- everyone): please help me find a muzzle coloration that looks better. I've hit a mental block...

Fursuit computer 3D rendering?

Not sure if it's ok to post this here, but I thought it might be since it's sorta about fursuit construction and talks about designing a suit before actual construction.

Could pre-construction fursuit computer 3D renderings be the next big trend for the future? On a website/forum that I belong to, I made the following topic after viewing someone else's artwork.;act=ST;f=11;t=21374
Has anyone else here dabbled in comp 3D renderings before?
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(no subject)

What do you guys say to buying a refurbished sewing machine? More specifically, this one.

Also.. for a complete beginner to machine sewing (vs hand), would you recommend a serger or sewing machine? What are the pros and cons to either, regardless of the user's skill level?


(no subject)

And on a completely different note.. here's a thought I had.

I've used markers (Shapries, Trias, Prismas) for modifying plushies and such, and the ink seems to work pretty well as a 'dye'/tint. For those of you who like the kind of ink/effect Sharpies have on fur, you might consider trying one of two things:

-Use a Prismacolor or Tria marker (both have similar ink to Sharpies, if I am not mistaken, and they come in a much wider range of colours--particularly 'natural' colours) with a marker airbrush. They sell them for both Prismacolors and Trias.. so you'd get an airbrush effect at a relatively low cost (compared to standard airbrushing) with the inks and colors you like. (I'd estimate the cost of this to be $2-4 per color/marker, $10 for a can compressor--not the best, but it works, and $30-50 for the airbrush rig.

-Use the Tria refill bottles (I think the come in something like 20oz?) in an airbrush.

Mind you, I've not actually tried this out yet, but I plan to, and will post the results.

Can anyone think of any problems with either of these methods?
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