August 20th, 2006

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Hey guys...

Where can I get an electric knife for cutting foam? Are the ones at Walmart ok or should I look for a specific brand? I really don't wanna buy one online because I hate waiting for something that I could possibly have within an hour.

Thanks! ^^
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Random Thought...

Hey, I was randomly thinking and thought of something and wanted to see what everyone else thought of it and if anyone had done it.

Has anyone ever carved a foam head with the basics (Snout, face, eye sockets...) but then papermached over it and molded the details out of paper mache? The foam stays in but the paper mache would be kind of a cover type thing with a smoother texture than butchered up foam and possibly easier to glue onto.
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What to do with extra fur. . .

Well, a while after creating my first partial fursuit (more mascot, really), I was looking through my fur and discovered that I had more of the tan used to make him than I thought I did. So I turned the partial into a full suit and all was well. ^^ I still had a bunch of tan left, though. Earlier today, I left my red-brown fur on the couch before hanging it up, and when I came back I saw my dad was laying on it. He moved, of course, but humorously groaned because he no longer had the comfy fur under him. Of course, that got me thinking.

I used more of that scrap fur to make a Dixon (the suit's name) "cuddly". Sort of like a chibi face with a tail. I stuffed it with shredded foam scraps (from all that carving). It came out ok for a first try. I'll make one of these for every suit I make from now on, because I always have extra fur and they're so cuddly. ^^

Here are some pics of the cuddly next to the original head.
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"Airbrush" effects with acrylics

I know that some of you have used acrylic paints to achieve an "airbrushed" look without actually using an airbrush. Seeing as the airbrush I have is a cheap hobby airbrush that only covers a large space, instead of being able to do fine detail, I think I want to use paint to get the detail instead.

I have some rainbow fur I got at Hobby Lobby that needs to be brightened up. (In other words, I'll be adding, say, brighter green over the already green fur, just to make it a bit brighter so it stands out.) I've got paints, just need to know how you guys have applied it. Do you water down the paint or use it as thick as it comes in the tube? Do you use a paintbrush, or a toothbrush? A fine-toothed comb, perhaps? What tips can you share about using paint to get the right colors?

Thanks for your help! :D
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What would you like to see me make?

Er, I hope this is okay to post here, it does have something to do with fursuit creation. I'm trying to come up with an idea for a fursuit I can make for Halloween. Behind the cut are some that I've thought of so far, I need your help choosing which one I should make!

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I'd love to hear everyone's opinions on this. Or, if anyone has some more suggestions, I'd be glad to hear them!

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