August 24th, 2006

Tiger Drawing

Polo Update

Okay, a lot of you had good ideas, so I thought I'd post a picture of my completed Polo. Any other changes will be insignificant, so I'll call these the final pictures

You can see the entire series of the creation of Polo here:

Thanks guys! Mephit Fur Meet Will be my first con in fursuit.
I'll also be taking care of the fursuiters /lounge at MFM as a volunteer.
If you'll be at MFM, and in suit.. I'll find ya, and introduce myself.
Dates warning

A question to the head makers

I've got a question for all you experienced head makers out there. When doing 3d eyes, does one do the eyes then fur the rest of the head, or do I wait and do the eyes last? I can see pros and cons to either situation.

So, in what order do you guys do this?


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