August 25th, 2006

tutorials on EYES?

I have seen a bunch of references to "Follow Me" eyes here but I'm not surewhat precisely people are referring to. I have looked for a tutorial but heve no luck finding one. Can anyone enlighten me?
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Tool Dip Questions: Coloring and Grip

Hey all! I have some questions concerning tool dip for you. :)

First of all, my husband picked some up for me at the hardware store the other day. His store doesn't carry the clear or the white, so he called the company to find out if mixing the red and blue tool dip together would make purple. While in theory this would work, the woman told him that it would probably just be easier to get ONE color, and add paint to get the proper color. So he brought home red, and I was going to add a little bit of blue acrylic paint to it. Anyone have any experience in mixing your own colors like this? Is it actually pretty easy? Or do I need to post the results here when I'm through? ;P

Also, I was wondering how well the grip is on tool dip. Obviously it's supposed to be decent, since you're supposed to use it on your tool handles. I was thinking of making foam pawpads and using tool dip for the "grip" on the underside of the foot paws. D'you think that would be okay? Or should I find something with better grip?

Thanks, everyone, for your input. :)
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Undersuit padding not on a spandex bodysuit?

I'm looking for a fairly detailed description (pictures would be very helpful!) on how to do undersuit padding without using a spandex suit to attach the foam to. I've got a costume I've gotta make all quicklike, but don't have the cash to pick up a new spandex unitard. So how do you folks who just make pockets and stuff 'em do it?

Sorry if I missed a link in the memories, if there is a very detailed one in there dealing with this feel free to smack me over the head with it. X3
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new leopard/hood help?

I finished my second set of gloves today. Pictures will eventually be up soon.

The fur I found was a wonderful white fur with black music notes and I thought, "This is going to make an interesting leopard!" It was a bit expensive from JoAnn's but I feel it was well worth it. At my friend's request I have decided to name him Muzack, or Zack for short. Cheesy and a little bit punny, but I like it and I'm going to keep it.

The only real flaw is that it's really obvious if you look hard enough where I have sewn the different pieces together. I didn't take that into account until later. I may try to make up for it with the feet since I have plenty left over.

I hope to get the head and feet finished before October so that I can wear it to Tsubasacon. It would be quite fun.

These are also the first handpaws that I have made with actual paw pads.

In the meantime before I begin work on the head, I was wondering if anyone knew a good site for a hood tutorial? A couple of people asked if I could make them some fur hoods and I couldn't find anything here. The only thing Google turned up was a pattern for a Robin Hood type hood, which was way too big and I'm too clumsy and unsure on how to decrease the size. Any help is appreciated.

Until next time,
Panda :3