August 26th, 2006

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Airbrush VS Fabric

I was wondering, for those who know the character Garurumon, do you think it would be easier to airbrush the color on or to buy fur in the purple colors? And when airbrushed, does the fur stay soft and nice or does it feel like it's been sprayed with hairspray?

I know I don't want it to feel like hairspray so if there's the slightest chance of that, I'll definately try to find the fur... Which I have been unsuccessful with so far... I'd like to buy all the fur from the same dealer because I'm worried that one fur may wind up longer than the other or some other noticable difference in the furs.

If someone can direct me to where I might be able to find the right purples, that would be just awesome. ^^

Colors wanted: White, light purple and dark purple.

Thanks in advance!
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Some Tips on Wings

I'm working on a dragon partial for someone, but don't worry, I'm ok with head building and all those basics. The buyer said he'd like wings if I could build them, but I've never done that thus far. So I told him if I could find a good way to do wings, I'd include them at no extra charge.

So, how do you all build wings? Dragon wings, that is. I'm sure there are a bunch of good ways, like wire frame or things like that, but I've never found a good tutorial. I Another thing I was thinking about: how would one make wings for a partial that don't need to be worn outside of your clothes?

Thanks in advance.
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I just finished up Sammy the Seahawk. Not only is this my first "professional" mascot commission, this was commissioned by the college that I attend (Yup, I'm a seahawk). *smiles*

This also happens to be my first carved all foam head, and first non fiberglass tracking eyes. I am quite pleased with the way he turned out. He is larger than my previous heads, and does not require a zipper to get in and out. I want to throw a think you to everyone who advised and helped me with this project.

Click the picture to visit his gallery:

I'm glad to finally have him finished.


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