August 27th, 2006

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Alright. I'm looking to re-do my White Rabbit costume for Halloween this year. I'm planning to make some digitigrade pants, but I'm a little confused as to how I'm going to do the feet.

For the base, I'm going to use a pair of old pajamas. But what do I build the feet off of? Would I just fur over some old slippers and connect them to the legs that way, or do I make them as seperate pieces?

Any input would be appreciated. Expect construction pictures soon, and maybe a tutorial if anybody would like one! :)

EDIT: I think I was a little unclear in this post. By digitigrade pants, I meant full digitigrade legs with pants as a base to attach the foam too. Oops. ;)
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About one and a half month agao, I put in my fur order. # days agoe I get from CR Crafts and e_mail saying they finallly shipped my order. Whats the deal with that?

Been doing some repair, I cannot makes a moving jaw like I wanted. I re'afixed the jaw to its open position like before. I am sealing seams that split from the poor gluing with the 3M spray adhesive. I am using Tacky glue and its far more perminate for repair work, less messy too. I may need to make new eyes, Well I would like to make eyes the way Growly maekes them. not sure how and what materials are used. and I gotta get some paint too.

I need to meet up with a local Bay area fur that can help me map fur pattern lines on my coveralls, this is very important in completing my fursuit. I live in Fremont so if anyone can help I would sure appreciate it.

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Snowshoe Hare Head

Here's a change. Instead of posting so many questions, I got some work done. ^^ I've been commissioned to make a showshoe hare (among other things), and it's coming very nicely. I love the white fur. So distinct!

Here are some WIP headshots. I'll probably just edit this journal when I finish the full suit.

My first attempt

Still a lot to do to finish but this is my first attempt in trying to make a fursuit, I finished the body and the handpaws and this is my attempt at a head. Still a lot to do to finish it. Among other things, my eyes haven't arrived (I ordered taxidermy eyes). And I need to trim some of the fur.

So here's my first amateurish attempt at a fursuit head! Lots of mistakes and lots to learn. I really didn't know where to start so I bought foam and fur and set to carving!

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Plus I finished the handpaws. I think its the fur but the claws don't photograph well

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Fursuiting Help

I am a first time fur suiter and am about to receive my suit from ww_creations. I am definitely wanting to take good care of it. So any tips on washing and things of that nature would be greatly appreciated.

I would also like some input on like a lycra undersuit as I've heard from people that this is one of the best things to try to not get the inside of a suit as dirty with sweat and such. I've been looking online and mostly find scuba lycra suits, and was possibly thinking of cyclist tights and such... So any input here would be greatly appreciated as well. :)
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