August 28th, 2006


Fabric spray paint?

Has anyone had any experience with Simply Spray Fabric Paint?

I was in the process of making a faun costume (not really a fursuit, I know, but it was my first time making digitigrade legs!) when I decided to completely start over with breathable, natural fabric for the basic legs. (I was using polyester) I've looked around at faux fur fabrics for the top half of the leg, and though I've found some I really liked, the colors weren't what I wanted. I'm hoping to buy some of the Simply Spray stuff to change the color of the fur, unless someone else has a better recommendation? I'll be buying some of the shaggy, long pile fur.

Pictures of the old legs: 'minus the fur for the top half, as well as a solid color for the bottom half.. and also the hooves and tail. I used layered Bernat's Boa Yarn for a cheaper way to simulate short fur. One skein was enough for both, but it was a pretty long and complicated task gluing the stuff on.

As for the new legs, I'm hoping to improve the foam/cardboard inside the legs so I can squat without bursting the seams (haha), as well as adding something to simulate a skeletal structure underneath. I got some input from the Hooves group on Yahoo about the hooves, so I'll be experimenting with that after I get all of my materials.

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attaching ears

I need to make a pair of ears but I'm unsure about how to attach them to my (human) head. I cannot put them on a headband because they need to be really secure. Does anyone have suggestions? They're just going to be normal sized canine ears.
Thanks guys. :]