August 29th, 2006

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My next suit... critiques?

Here's a WIP of my next suit, a husky. With every suit I make I do feel like I'm gaining more experience, but it doesn't mean I'm gaining an eye for design. I like how well this is turning out so far, but I was wondering if anyone had any feedback for me.

Click the pretty picture to see the gallery so far!

Pictures 1-5 show how I made a belly patch and managed to hide a black zipper until white fur. Now I thought THAT was going to look awful, but you can't even tell there are two pieces to the chest ruff, can you?

Picture 9 shows the different materials used: white Distinctive Fabrics stuff, that ash/red layered nonsense from Joann, and some plain ol' white from Walmart. (Isn't it hard to tell the difference between the CRS and Walmart whites?)

Pictures 11 and 12 are where I have questions. The suit is quite large on me since I was cutting liberally (adding a 1/2" around the edge of the muslin cutout I didn't use). The neck hole (#12) is ginormous, but that's pretty normal for the pattern I use, McCall's 8953. However, the sleeves (#11) are ridiculously large. Should I try to trim them down or not risk making it too small?

Also, the designated tail hole in back is very low. I could be relocated, but the suit's crotch is about 4" below where it should be. Should I take it in a bit and take out both problems or just leave it?

Finally, how do the white arms/legs look? Be honest. Huskies are usually mostly white, but that doesn't make for an interesting suit. I think that's how most other suits do the white, but something looks wrong and I can't quite put my finger on it... help?

I'll post pictures much later on when it's done or near to it. Hope to get it done within a week or two.
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Follow-me Eyes and Quality Faux Fur?

What's the secret to making fursuit eyes that seem to "follow" someone looking at the mask, no matter where you are standing? I've recently seen many eyes employ this effect - how does one accomplish it?

Also, can anyone hook me up with links to some websites that sell quality faux wolf or shag fur? I just purchased really cheap, wooly fur for my first suit from a local Jo-Ann Fabrics.. and I was not at all pleased with the end result.

Thanks in advance! :3
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Working on meh first

suit! I have a long shaggy fur i'm gonna use for some parts, but i've also been looking for a shorter length for most of the body. here's what i've found so far:

and i think i like it :3 but this is my first suit, so i am not sure how much i'll need! i'm a big person ^ ^'' i'm 5'11'' and i wear everything XL. how many yards should i buy?

i am very excited about starting! i hafta have her done by halloween, or i'll explode xP

that's her, the blonde one ^ ^
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