August 31st, 2006

hairy eyeball

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Pictures of the mask I finished the other day!

Papier-mâché “skull”; wire mesh for the eyes and to strengthen the beak; foam rubber for the cheek-bulges, around the eyes, and the “nose”; silicone sealant to cover the foam-rubber & beak; yarn for the hair and eyebrows; hot glue, and paint.

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poofy paws

Hi again all my fur lovin friends. I was just wondering if anyone had another way to make poofy paws, I saw the one poofy paws tutorial and it seemed a wee bit tedious. I was just wondering if maybe it would be possible to make your handpaw pattern out of fur with already enlarged tips of the fingers, then carve little foam poofy parts to slip in the ends what slip over your own fingertips when inside the paw?