September 2nd, 2006

New to the... Community?

Hello all, 
                 looking around this community for quite a while now (little over a year?) anyway, planing a first suit some time  in december when I can actually get some money.(sigh) until then, gonna gather ideas on what type I'd like to make... until then...later.....

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post no bills
  • levdir

Fursuit virgin.

Hey y'all. I'm looking to make a partial suit for an upcoming Hallowe'en furmeet. The main things I need to know are, where can I get fuzt faux-fur and that heavy foam stuff, and what materials make for sturdy, comfortable heads? Also, what sorts of gloves make good bases for attaching fur whilst keeping one's palms reasonably cool? I'm only after head, gloves/arms and a tail at this point since the clothing of the costume covers the rest of my body and I have a limited timeframe in which to get this thing built. I think the basic construction of the tail shoulnd't be too hard assuming I can find the kind of fur I want.

  • idess

Claws on Paws

I'm making some footpaws just for the fun of it, and to see how well I do in dabbling with this sort of thing (I'm used to 2D artwork).
I made some claws from Sculpey, and I added a round 'base' to them, in case there was a certain way to attatch them.
But, I'm not sure how the best way attatching them would go ^^ Which do you guys prefer? Gluing them to the foam before furring, or poking them through the foam from inside the toe before furring? Or maybe somehow after furring?
Thank you in advanced ^^
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kuroseishin - Looking up

(no subject)

I'm making some claws but couldn't find the right color of Sculpey, so, I just bought white. What is the best thing to use to paint Sculpey to get good covereage and color?
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