September 4th, 2006


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A small post which i need feedback if possible:

Which would you prefer on a toony suit?..4 fingers and a thumb or 3 fingers and a thumb?
i'm leaning towards the 3 but not sure how to exactly make one..4 is no problem..can anyone point me in the right direct to some good reference pics or patterns?
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feet paws

i want to make some feet paws that are not furred, or cast latex, but i have too many possibilities sloshing about my head and don't know what the best option is-any advise?
(i'm imagining carved foam, but then the foam would require some kind of covering, right?)

aaaand, for future reference, anyone got any good tutorials on latex casting paws?

or bought some from Running Wolf Pack?  i'm also wondering how long they hold up with only very occasional use, because I like them alot :)

and i've heard people mention latex needing a special kind of paint...