September 5th, 2006

Glue Gun

Heeeeere's Skittle!

I finished her *barely* in time for MFM! I sewed up the hand paws Friday morning at the convention. Eek!


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Skittle made her debut at MFM this past weekend. Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with the costume!

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If anyone else got pics of Skittle during the convention, please let me know! It was fun to play her over the weekend. :D

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Cas by Goldie

Couple Questions

Heyas everyone. Long time lurker, first time posting :) Lets see, I've been working on my first fursuit head, and now I have a few questions. I'll just make a list and anyone can answer any that they know.

Here's the general makeup of the head so far:
-Plastic mesh and foam
-Moveable jaw w/pivot points back by my cheeks and small rubberbands for tension (I used Matrices tutorial :) )
-Eyesight is out of "tearducts" with chiffon covering...havent added the eyes yet

Ok, and the questions:

1. Is it easier to first attatch ears to the head, and then fur...or fur them seperately from the head and attatch them afterwards?

2. Pretty much the same as above, but with the eyes... Attatch to the head and then fur, or the other way around?

3. Whats the easiest way to start furring? Start from the nose and work back, or......?

I think that's it.... Thanks for the help!!
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crappy head

hi again fur lovers, ok I KNOW this head looks crappy. It is supposed to be a toony lion, but I cannot for the life of me get the correct head shape so that when the mane is on, it will look ok. Any suggestions about the shape? Should the cheeks be smaller? Higher up? I have run out of ideas myself and it is just getting on my nerves now so I though I would post here to see if anyone else could think of a way to save this head. It is mesh and foam btw, with a moving jaw (which works good so far)
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Tiger Drawing


Hey guys.. I know a few of you wanted to see polo on, not just sitting on the counter.. So I got a few pictures from MFM to show you! He turned out to be a pretty big hit. We had a lot of fun - and the best part was when people would yell 'Marco' to me.. He'd jump up and down and point to himself ("Polo!")

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I'm still not 100% happy with him.. but.. We're getting there. More pictures and I'll be able to tell what needs to change. But thanks for everyones help so far! Keep an eye out for me at FWA, and RCFM!